Cloud Computing in Healthcare

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This short article aims to go over facets of cloud computing that are strongly related the healthcare industry and may be reproduced by doctors to enhance their practice.

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What Should Doctors Find out about Cloud Computing?

There's a sea of knowledge available on the net about cloud computing and the way it really works. As a doctor with limited curiosity about it, understanding all that jargon (a few of which may not be also directly related to your work and computing requirements) can be very intimidating and time-consuming.

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Simply put, the cloud is really a pair of hardware, networks, storage, services and interfaces that are equipped to supply computing power, infrastructure, applications, software, business processes and storage - in a nutshell, your entire computing needs, being a service as much as you require it.

Migrating towards the cloud 'can' assist you to reduce cost, space, time and energy that would otherwise be utilized for traditional IT services performing exactly the same functions. This is possible as the cloud puts together a large pool of computing resources accessible to be harnessed for an assured service by anyone who needs to utilize it, around the globe. Traditional IT environments on the other hand, use a limited set of resources that are independently managed and sent to a limited amount of people restricted to a particular geographic location, thus pushing cost, time, space and power factors.

Using Cloud Computing To enhance Your Practice

Cloud computing can modify the way in which healthcare is practiced by empowering professionals to deliver better care at lower costs. Cloud computing allows doctors, researchers and scientists throughout the world to collaborate and form a centralized, integrated and regularly updated medical database which can be seamlessly accessed by healthcare professionals and never have to invest in over-the-top infrastructure or software. Doctors may use the cloud for viewing reports, scans, EMRs, prescriptions and data needed to solve complex medical conditions all over the world.

Patients’ health data and EMRs may be combined to make a single, comprehensive health record that can be instantly accessed from single source. The cloud also brings together patient information like insurance claims, prescription and drug details, lab reports, patient history and progress in cases of chronic illnesses as well as other details and consolidates them to be accessible at the reason for care whenever required.

This not merely helps improve the degree of accuracy with which care is delivered but in addition decreases the some time and cost of strategy for physicians and patients alike. As all data is sourced from a single, homogenous center, it also reduces the potential for conflicting treatments, prescriptions and medical data miscommunication in cases where multiple physicians and providers are participating.

Cloud computing is usually subscription based. Most of the time, it really works over a metered billing type of payment where you only pay for the purpose you utilize. Additionally, it allows for flexible self-service through which it is possible to enable and disable the supply of required services based on your usage and requires.

Cloud computing users need not purchase heavy capital expenditure on hardware, software, and services. As resources can be unsubscribed whenever required, the risk of investment is considerably reduced. The cloud also addresses increased data storage needs of physicians without having them invest in expensive personal storage devices. Software updates and innovation are centrally managed by cloud companies, helping doctors focus one of the benefits of these day on patient care.

Cloud computing can thus help physicians meet meaningful use criteria as it demonstrates higher quality of care, lower costs and higher insurance/government reimbursements.

Popular Cloud Services

Most of us have “been on the cloud” without knowing about it (eg: Facebook is an example of a public cloud). With respect to the visibility of information there are three types of cloud platforms: Public, private and hybrid (a combination of private and public).

An even more popular classification is based on the services offered:

1. Infrastructure like a service (IaaS) offers hardware related services like disk storage, database or virtual servers. Amazon Web Services (AWS),Rackspace Cloud Servers and Flexiscale are popular IaaS providers.

2. Platform being a Service (PaaS) offers development platforms. Google’s Application Engine, Microsofts Azure,’s are well-knows within this category.

3. Software as service (SaaS) involves software services about the cloud like web based computer programs, email services and so on. Popular samples of SaaS services are (CRM), Google’s Gmail, Google Apps, Dropbox, Zoho, QuickBooks, Piwik, Microsoft Hotmail as well as their online version of office called BPOS (Business Productivity Online Standard Suite).

An excellent read on top cloud platforms at

Cloud Security

Cloud security and data ownership is really a major concern for users and new adopters of cloud computing. While there is almost no regulation currently pertaining to cloud computing, there are many data security and privacy issues to be dealt with. New users has to be informed about precisely the master of the data, others which could get access to the data and the jurisdiction from the contract. We will look at Cloud Security in detail via a separate article.


At Technical Doctor, we could provide you with affordable solutions and experienced resources to help you reach your goal of successful EHR implementation. Selecting healthcare IT products and services could be confusing. We'll enable you to view the solutions available making decisions concerning the EHR systems to help you make an educated decision about the EHR management system that will best fit the needs of your practice. Our company specializes in Eclinicalworks Ecw support, Dragon EMR, and Medical Websites in Chicago (metro area). Technical Doctor Inc 1040 West Adams Street, Chicago, IL (630) 433-7453 ?

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